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old man on wheelchair with his caregiverWhen you stay in our beautiful home, it follows that you’ll have a beautiful life to enjoy!

Family’s Choice Care Adult Family Home maintains basic and comfort amenities that are available to all residents as well as family members who visit:

  • Walkway in Garden
  • Phone and Internet Connection
  • Outdoor Seating on the Porch Area
  • Well-Equipped Kitchen
  • 6 Private Rooms
  • Living Room Area
  • Dining Room
  • Home Safety Features:
    • Security Alarms
    • Motion sensor alarm for patients with high Risk for fall accidents
    • Roll-In Bathrooms with Grab Bars
    • Safety Ramps

The interior of the house is designed and fully renovated for handicapped individuals, promoting their safety and convenience.

Our homes are like a little community for the elderly, where they can enjoy friendship, companionship, and camaraderie from their neighbors, whether through activities or just by waving their hands from their windows or gardens.

Within our homes are rooms that are designed to prioritize the safety of our residents. Our bathrooms are along the hallways, so our staff can immediately help our residents with their daily living tasks and other personal care activities to prevent falls and other unforeseen accidents from happening. Rest assured that our staff will deliver and ensure excellent care at all times. We pride ourselves on excellence, and we can prove that by introducing the family and our residents to testify that we always strive for the best care.

Would you like to visit us and see the place for yourself? Call 425-877-0660 and schedule your tour around our adult family home.